Riot Responds To Soul Fighter Samira’s Social Impact Fund Drama

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot has finally responded to the recent Social Impact Fund Drama.

The Soul Fighter Samira skin, which was one of the most hyped skins of the year, has now become the main source of multiple controversies.

Earlier in the year, rumors started circulating that we would be getting a new Legendary+ tier skin during the summer event. That rumored skin turned out to be the Ultimate Skin Soul Fighter Samira. Players were very excited about the skin when it was initially revealed, but the excitement died after it was released to the PBE servers.

Many players were angry about the skin and believed that it didn’t deserve to be an Ultimate skin. Though, Riot did tweak several of the skin’s features before its release in response to community input. However, even with the upgrades, the skin is still not worth the 3250 RP price tag.

However, the price isn’t the only source of contention in the skin. There has recently been significant controversy over the Social Impact Fund and Soul Fighter Samira.

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Drama Explained

Before diving deeper into the drama, we must discuss the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. It is a philanthropic project created by Riot Games to help players give back to the community. It was announced back in 2019 and, since then, has raised millions of dollars for different charities worldwide.

Now that we have some context let’s talk about the drama regarding the Samira skin. When Riot initially launched the skin, the skins purchase page stated that “100% of the Soul Fighter Samira proceeds would go to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund”. Many players were on board with Riot’s decision and bought the skin for 3250 RP.

But recently, Riot updated that the 100% contribution was a mistake on their part and said it was initially meant to be 20%. Players were very angry at Riot’s decision; some even wanted their money back.

Riot’s Response

Recently Riot Sakaar responded to the criticism and clarified some of the issues. He said,

“One of the places that describes Soul Fighter Samira’s contribution to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund listed the wrong proceeds amount. We’re updating it to read 20% so it matches all other places the contribution was mentioned.”

In addition, Players will also be able to refund the skin by submitting a ticket. Also, they can request that 100% of the proceeds do, in fact, go toward the fund. While Riot provided a resolution to the solution, it will be interesting to see what the players decide to do about this issue going forward.

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