Riot Nerfs Magical Footwear On League of Legends Patch 13.4

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot plans to nerf Magical Footwear in Patch 13.4.

Only a few days after the release of Patch 13.3, Riot announced some of the changes coming to Patch 13.4 in League of Legends. One of these changes is the nerfs to Magical Footwear.

Magical Footwear has been one of the most picked runes of the Inspiration tree. The rune gives the user essentially free boots after twelve minutes. Participating in takedowns also helps the user obtain the boots faster (45-second cooldown per takedown). These newly acquired boots are called Slightly Magical Boots, providing ten more movement speed on top of the twenty-five speed standard boots offer.

Moreover, the rune gives about 420 gold worth of free stats. As a result, most champions, particularly Jungle champions, take it on a regular basis. It’s a very strong rune and has been since its initial release in season 8. But now, in snowball-oriented meta like Season 13, the rune seems to be the strongest it has ever been. And Riot appears to think this is strong too. So on Patch 13.4, they are planning on nerfing the rune.

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Magical Footwear Nerfs

Here are all the nerfs to Magical Footwear.

Magical Footwear

  • Boot sell back gold was reduced from 70% to 30% (210 gold to 30).

To be perfectly honest, the Magical Footwear nerfs seem somewhat pointless. Because once a player receives the boots twelve minutes into the game, they rarely sell the item. They only sell it if they are full build and need an item slot to get another Legendary item.

There are special cases too. If a player is short on gold for a big power spike item, they might sell it for 210 gold. But selling Magical Footwear is detrimental because you won’t get the extra ten movement speed if you buy regular boots.

It’s very strange to nerf, and players are scratching their heads over this nerf.

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