Riot Music Concert For Worlds 2023 To Be On November 18

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot to hold a unique music concert for Worlds 2023 on November 18 to celebrate the amazing tournament.

This year’s worlds keeps getting better and better; if you have watched the knockout stage and specially today’s T1 vs JDG, you know what I’m talking about. The biggest League of Legends event, therefore, calls for a celebration before we are done with the finals on 19th November.

As T1 eyes on their 4th Worlds trophy against WBG, powered by TheShy, Riot has thought ‘why not have a party before?’ Yes, in addition to the opening ceremony on the day of the finale, Riot is going to hold another concert. It will be celebrated in the host country, Korea.

Riot usually holds only one opening ceremony right on the day of the finals, before the match begins. They will also hold that this year. Heartsteel, the new boy band and NewJeans will be there. For those unaware, NewJeans is an emerging girl k-pop band who also produced the theme song of Worlds 2023, ‘Gods’.

On top of that main event, Riot decided to have another dedicated day for a music concert on the day before it. Not that I am complaining. Always up for listening to good music, and Riot is pretty good at picking them. So, to no one’s surprise, they have invited well-known pop artists to the concert.

In this article, let me tell you who they are.

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Riot Music Concert Artists

Alan Walker: This was a surprise for me, too. Alan Walker, being one of the most popular artists in recent times, will surely be the main attraction of the concert for me. Personally, I am a big fan of his music and can’t wait to watch him perform at the biggest LoL event.

(G)I-DLE: For the avid League of Legends followers, this name should not be new. The renowned K/DA members from (G)I-DLE, who were the vocals for Akali and Ahri, are ready to spice things up in Korea once more.

MUSHVENOM: Might be the least popular name in this list. But he is also affiliated with League of Legends music. For instance, he sang the DUDUDUNGA and Face Your Fate (featured in) for TFT. Also, he was there in the LCK 2021 Split finals. The South Korean rapper is famous for his humorous lyrics and chungcheong dialect.

Nicki Taylor: Another very popular and fan-favorite name. Yes, this is the same Nicki Taylor who sang the Worlds Collide song, the theme for 2015 Worlds. I am a fan of that theme song because of the sheer hype it generates for such an important tournament as Worlds.

FTISLAND: Another popular South Korean Rock Band. They are big League of Legends fans and will be singing the iconic ‘Warriors’ anthem in their unique style.

Now, that’s a pretty strong lineup, to say the least. I am very interested to see how much variety each of them brings to the table. The entire concert is supposed to be 5 hours long (15:00-20:00) and will also be broadcast on LCK Official Youtube. November 18 is surely gonna be a day to look forward to for the League of Legends music enthusiasts.

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