Riot Might Drastically Change Top Lane After The Accidental Introduction of The New Boots

Riot has confirmed that they will significantly change the top lane with the surprise addition of the new boots this preseason, Boots of Teleportation.

As League of Legends season 12 is almost over, Riot Games has finally announced all the changes in the upcoming preseason 2023.

Usually, in the preseason, we get new system changes, quality of life improvements, jungle changes, a new champion, new items, etc. And this preseason is no exception.

Riot has finally shown off the preview of the preseason 2023. In this preseason, we will be getting the return of chemtech drakemassive jungle changes with the addition of jungle pets, communication changesvision improvements, top lane changes, and, most importantly, new and updated items.

Many new items are coming in this preseason; some of these items are, Icathia’s Endurance, Radiant Virtue, etc. Some returning items this preseason are Iceborn Gauntlet, Rod of Ages, etc.

Even though all these items are supposed to be shipped in the preseason, one item got accidentally added to the game. That item is Boots of Teleportation.

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boots of teleportation
Image Credits: Riot Games/Spideraxe

Boots of Teleportation

  • 250 Health
  • 45 Move Speed
    • Active – Teleport: Channel for 4 seconds to teleport (to) a location near an allied structure, ward, minion, or Champion (240s).

Boots of Teleportation is the first boots Riot has added since the Items Rework in preseason 11. Excluding the base boots, there are seven boots in the game. And none of these existing boots offer any bonus health. However, Boots of Teleportation would be the only boots that provide bonus health.

Alongside health, no other boots in the game provide any active abilities. But Boots of Teleportation has its own active, which is the summoner’s spell, Teleport.

Since the start of season 12, they have been slowly tweaking the top lane, from the Teleport nerfs to bounty nerfs. But, unfortunately, Riot just kept on nerfing this role to the ground.

Although Riot did end up buffing the role by increasing the gold and exp earned in the lane, it is still not enough for most of the champions who are optimal for the top lane. So now Riot might be removing Teleport as summoner’s spell and adding it as an active for a boots that mostly top lane top laners will use.

Accidental Addition

Riot Phlox clarified on his Twitter post that these boots were added accidentally and added that they might not be shipping Boots of Teleportation in the preseason or season 13.

Although he also said “Unless,” which might imply that if the item gets enough positive feedback in the preseason, we might see this new item in the future.

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