Riot is making Jungle path more diverse and easier for new players in the 2021 Preseason

Ahead of the Preseason, Riot is planning to increase pathing diversity for junglers while making it beginner-friendly.

Because of how bad Jungle XP was at the start of season 10, Riot had to bring some major changes to the Jungle camps in terms of XP gain. Additionally, they also tried to expend the jungle pool by bringing in champions like Darius, Zed, Garen, and others.

Earlier this month, Riot also announced that from the preseason, Jungle items will be entirely free. “We’re applying the same treatment to junglers: Jungle items will be a starting item that requires no additional investment,” Riot Games said.

And now, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter has Tweeted out revealing their new goals for the Jungle role in League of Legends.

Preseason Jungle Changes

Camp Resistances have been unified:

Camp with unique aspects have been visualized:

Riot is giving additional 20 armor and magic resist to all the jungle camps, and according to Riot Scruffy, this should increase pathing diversity for the junglers.

Jungle is the role where new players always tend to struggle with. However, from the preseason, Riot is making it easier and beginner-friendly. “Expose some hidden mechanics visually to help newer players learn the jungle,” Riot Scruffy said.

Scuttle Crab will no longer heal or give mana to its killer and it will now only be shielded at 60% of its max health. Gromp on the other hand will lose its faster attack speed and additional damage. However, from the preseason, Gromp will now provide heal and mana to its killer. Small Krugs will now also give more gold from the preseason.

Furthermore, Riot is also planning to increase the movement speed of all the jungle camps to reduce the power of kiting.

All the preseason changes are expected to hit the PBE very soon and will go live in early November.

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