Riot is increasing RP prices of Several regions starting from July 15

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Regions like LATAM and Brazil will face increased RP prices amid new tax laws, currency shifts, inflation, and consistency.

Riot Games always adjust their RP pricing each year between March or April but due to the current global pandemic, they have delayed the 2020 pricing update. They make the necessary RP prices change based on new tax laws, currency shifts, inflation, and consistency on a specific server.

Today, on the latest dev post, Riot has announced that they have made this year’s adjustments, “based on currency fluctuations that occurred in 2019 and new regional taxes that were introduced at the beginning of 2020.”

“While currency fluctuations alone would only call for slight adjustments to the price of RP, many countries enacted new taxation laws on digital goods which have had a more significant impact,” Riot Games said.

New RP price changes


  • Mexico: +19% (VAT Portion: 16%)
  • Colombia: +11%
  • Costa Rica: +16% (VAT Portion: 13%)
  • Chile: +16% (VAT Portion: 19%)
  • Uruguay:+ 11%
  • Peru: +5%
  • USD LATAM: 5.5%


  • Due to inflation and devaluation of the Brazilian Real to the USD, we’ll be seeing a 9% increase in RP Costs

For League of Legends and TFT PC version, Mexico will see a massive 19% increase in RP cost because of the 16% VAT. Costa Rica and Chile will also have a 16% increase while Peru will see only a 5% increase. Brazil will also face a 9% increase in RP cost because of inflation and devaluation.

All the new changes will go live on July 15. But in the meantime, Riot is also offering Extra Bonus RP to everyone who buys RP between July 1 around 1:00 PM PDT to July 15, 1:00 PDT.

Riot is also changing its pricing for content in Teamfight Tactics mobile. New Zealand, Europe, UAE, Egypt, and Japan will see up to a 20% decrease in TFT mobile content price. While some other regions like Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, and Peru will see up to 20% increase.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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