MagiFelix reaches challenger on Five different accounts while playing five different roles simultaneously

MagiFelix, Fnatic’s substitute mid laner has now reached challenger on five different accounts while playing on five different roles in the EUW solo queue.

Felix “MagiFelix” Boström started playing competitive League of Legends back in 2016 for EURONICS gaming. In 2019, MagiFelix joined ⁠Fnatic Academy and later made his debut on the 2019 LEC summer split subbing in for Rekkles.

The 20-year-old has made his name in the League community because of his monstrous solo queue performance. In 2019, he had four accounts in the EUW top 10 challenger ladder. Many players started to compare him to Dopa and some even call him EU Dopa as well.

But this time he pushed himself into a whole new level. MagiFelix has now reached challenger on five different accounts while playing for five different roles. As pointed out by Reddit user GroundbreakingAlps2, five accounts are:

On his main account, he was rank 1 on EUW with around 1700LP at the beginning of Season 10. On top of that, he also peaked rank 2 on his Top lane account as well.

Reaching rank 1 and challenger is one thing, but reaching challenger in one of the most competitive servers on five accounts while playing five different roles simultaneously is a completely new achievement.

On Reddit, players are also appreciating how great the achievement is. Many players are also pointing out his wide range of champ pool as he played/plays a variety of champions on his different accounts.

Although he only played one game in the LEC, with this impressive achievement MagiFelix will definitely get more chances in the future.


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