Riot is adding a new dodge penalty in League of Legends that can now lock you up for 12 hours

Riot to add a new dodge penalty tier in League of Legends to punish the players who tend to dodge 3+ times a day.

Dodging in League of Legends is a very common occurrence especially in ranked games. When a player dodges a game by leaving the champion select screen, the matchmaker has to throw everyone back into the queue and form new teams. In low Elo, this might not be that of a deal, but in higher Elos where the player base is very low – it can be super annoying. And according to Riot, around 33% of champ selects end in a dodge in Diamond 1+.

“Dodging gets everyone into matches more slowly, and the matches are worse,” Riot on queue dodging. “We also believe that intentionally dodging ranked games to guarantee favorable circumstances reduces the competitive integrity of League.”

Riot however has started to take extra measurements against game-running behavior players due to the community outrage that occurred last season. Earlier this year, Riot implemented some harsh punishments for leaving games early and dodging games/champ select. And after the changes, only ~%1.6 of highly ranked players are dodging 3+ times per day now.

But it seems Riot is still not happy about that 1% of players as they are adding a new dodge penalty tier to curb that 1% of players who dodge 3+ times a day starting from patch 11.15.

New Dodge penalties

TierQueue LockoutLP Penalty (Ranked Only)
16 minutes-3 LP
230 minutes-10 LP
(new tier)720 minutes (12 hours)-10 LP

So, from patch 11.15, Riot is adding a new tier-3 dodge penalty that will now lockout a player for 720 minutes (12 hours). After one dodge or newly added – three failed ready checks will now move a player up a tier. And penalties will be based on which tier a player is currently on.

Moreover, they are also changing the reset strategy as well. Previously, where dodge tiers used to reset after 24 hours, this new change will reduce dodge tiers by one every 12 hours. According to Riot, this change will help “legitimate dodgers recover faster.”

Riot is now also adding this new tier for dodging ARAM games as well. And here’s what ARAM’s penalty tiers will look like:

ARAM TierQueue Lockout
115 minutes
230 minutes
(new tier)720 minutes (12 hours)

All these new changes are expected to hit the Summoner’s Rift on patch 11.15, Jul 21, 2021.

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