League of Legends’ updated punishments for AFKing and dodging in 2021

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image: Riot Games

Riot Games announces a new and updated punishment system for AFKing and dodging in League of Legends.

Riot Games started to take extra measurements against game-running behavior players due to the community outrage that occurred last season. They introduced multiple new punishment systems while improving their existing detection system. Moreover, Riot ensured that they will continue improving their system throughout 2021 as well.

Now, in the latest dev post, Riot Games shared some new harsh punishments for leaving games early and dodging games/champ select.

New Punishments for Dodging 

Existing Tiers (unchanged)

  • 1st dodge in 24 hours: 6 min lockout (15 for ARAM) and -3 LP in ranked
  • 2nd dodge in 24 hours: 30 min lockout and -10 LP in ranked

New Tier

  • 3rd dodge in 24 hours: 12-hour lockout and -10 LP in ranked

Riot believes the new tier punishment system should be enough for the players who dodge a lot at his moment. They will now focus on areas like Autofill/Off-role disparity concerns, Perceived between-team mismatches, Hostage situations in Champ Select, and One-trick limitations at higher MMRs.

New Punishments for AFKing

Previous Tiers:

  • 1st Tier: 5 min lockout and auto-loss
  • 2nd Tier: 10 min lockout and auto-loss
  • 3rd Tier: 15 min lockout and auto-loss

Revised Tiers:

  • 1st Tier: 5 min lockout and auto-loss
  • 2nd Tier: 30 min lockout and auto-loss
  • 3rd Tier: 14-day lockout and auto-loss

Separately, there is an escalating LP penalty assessed for going AFK or leaving ranked games. This goes up by one tier when you AFK/Leave and goes down by one tier when you do not. This doesn’t apply to promotion series or when, because of server issues, the game is declared to have not counted.

  • Tier 1: -2 LP
  • Tier 2: -3 LP
  • Tier 3: -5 LP
  • Tier 4: – 6 LP
  • Tier 5: -8 LP

“It’s worth noting that to get to the 3rd tier of AFK you’ve been caught intentionally AFKing multiple times,” Riot Brightmoon on 3rd tier punishment. “This isn’t hitting folks whose internet dies or PC crashes. This is for the real problem players who ruin the game for others.”

This means the third-tier AFK punishment won’t hit if you have disconnected for bad internet, client, or PC crashes. Furthermore, this is not the 3rd consecutive AFK rather the 3rd AFK tier.

Riot also confirms that moving up each tier is slightly complex, but in general, going AFK/leaving will progress you up, and playing games out honorably will progress you downwards.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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