Ruined Miss Fortune: Splash Art, Release Date, and Price

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Image: Riot Games

Riot Games has officially revealed the new Ruined Miss Fortune skin, releasing in League of Legends patch 11.15.

Riot Games has been building up the Ruination story for months now. It all started earlier this year with the introduction of Viego, the Ruined King where they released the first set of Ruined skins for Draven, Karma, and Shyvana. And last month, Riot revealed the Sentinel of Light skin line where the Sentinel champions are destined to beat Ruined King’s army.

But Riot was not over with the Ruined skins – along with the Sentinal skins, Riot also introduced the Ruined Pantheon. Moreover, there have been some rumors that Miss Fortune would also join the Ruination army. And now it seems, the leaks were true as Riot has officially unveiled Ruined Miss Fortune skin releasing in patch 11.15.

Release Date

Ruined Miss Fortune – one of the most hyped-up skins is going to hit the Summoner’s Rift on Patch 11.15, July 22, 2021. Sentinel Rengar, Pyke, and Graves Skin are also expected to release on the same day along with the new champion Akshan.


Ruined Miss Fortune is an Epic tier skin in League of Legends and in order to buy it, you will have to spend 1350 RP.

Splash Art

Ruined Miss Fortune
Image: Riot Games


Turnarounds MF
Image: Riot Games

Chromas: (Yet to be revealed)

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