Riot Games has already teased the next map in Valorant

Following the release of Fracture, the latest map that was added to the current map pool of Valorant, Riot has already teased us about what the next map might be.

Riot Games recently released their 7th map for Valorant called “Fracture“. To say that it is the most unique map in the game so far would be a huge understatement. However, according to many players, just because it’s unique doesn’t mean that it’s actually good.

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The map was finally released in the ranked mode, and many players stated that while it has a unique design, the competitive ranked experience was mixed. The H-shaped layout paired with multiple sides for attacking was just a little bit too much.

That being said, in the recent Valorant Dev blog, Riot Games gave players an in-depth look into the creative process while developing this map. At the same time, they also teased players with a new location which could be the 8th map in the game.

Valorant Map 8 Teaser

According to a reliable data miner, the emails that were highlighted within the dev blog contained teasers for the upcoming map in Valorant. Also, these email teasers are already present in the game.

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Players are speculating that it’s most likely going to be the geo-dome that was mentioned by Ruben and where his niece currently resides. At this point, it is all speculation from an official dev blog, so take them with a grain of salt. Although it is still nice to see Riot is already working on their next map in Valorant.

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