Riot currently has no plans to introduce a sequel to the ElderFlame skin line in VALORANT, dev confirms

Starting with Episode 2 of VALORANT, Riot Games started to introduce sequels or 2.0 versions of some of the most popular skin bundles from last year.

It all started with the GlitchPop skin bundle. Riot decided it is time to reintroduce some past skin lines with different weapons that weren’t part of the original lineup. And now with Prism 3.0, it is pretty clear that Riot has plans to bring back some other popular skin lines.

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During a recent question-and-answer thread in the VALORANT subreddit, one fan asked if there is currently a plan to produce a sequel to the ever-popular ElderFlame skin bundle. In response, the premium content producer at Riot Games replied that currently, they don’t have any plans to launch another Elderflame skin line.

Sadly no ElderFlame

However, Riot is apparently working on another ultra edition skin line that should arrive this year. Ultra editions are the flagship skin bundles at Riot Games. Since Riot knocked it out of the park with the previous ultra edition skins, they want to reach the bar once again that they set for themselves with ElderFlame.

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Some players in the VALORANT community are slightly disappointed knowing the sequel to the fan-favorite ElderFlame isn’t happening. However, the prospect of Riot working on another ultra-tier skin is indeed very exciting.

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