Riot confirms TFT missions will no longer fill up the missions tab from patch 11.2

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot confirms TFT missions will no longer fill up the League of Legends missions tab unless players play a game of TFT in the current set.

Ever since TFT came out for PC back in 2019, it has been a part of League’s client. Similar to League of Legends‘ event that required missions to complete the milestone, Teamfight Tactics also has its own event pass and missions. As both of them share the same client, the missions tab also shows missions for both titles.

However, there are a lot of League players who simply don’t play TFT, but their missions tab is full of TFT missions. Therefore, many players were complaining about making a separate tab for TFT missions or not showing them unless they played it.

And now, after all these complaints, Teamfight Tactics’ Lead Designer, Riot Mort, has confirmed that they are currently working on fixing the issue.

“We’re fixing this for our next set in 11.2,” Riot Mort said. “The missions won’t show up unless you play a game of TFT.”

Replying to a comment, Riot Mort further confirmed that players need to play at least one game in the current Teamfight Tactics set to trigger the TFT missions to appear in the missions tab. And for the players who play the game regularly or occasionally, it will continue to fill up the missions tab.

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