Riot confirms Chat issues are going to be fixed by patch 11.2

Riot Games confirms that most of League of Legends’ Chat issues are going to be fixed by patch 11.2.

League of Legends’ 2021 preseason brought multiple meta defining changes into the game including the new Mythic items and item overhaul. In addition to that Riot also adjusted how the items shop looks and much more.

However, among all these changes, Riot brought one particular change in Chat that might not be anything game-breaking but for veteran players, it was quite a significant change. After seeing the Chat size, many players started to call the new chat size “the worst change” in the preseason while others are calling it “unintuitive”.

And after all these complaints, League of Legends’ Senior experience designer Jordan Checkman¬†has confirmed that the Chat resize issues are going to be fixed by patch 11.2.

According to Jordan Checkman, Ctrl + A / Drag Select for Chat is going live on patch 11.1 while the Scaling changes where the chat will be larger at small resolutions and scale better are going live in patch 11.2. Furthermore, on patch 11.2, Riot is also going to fix for End of Game double-enter bug.

Jordan Checkman however hasn’t confirmed when typing while moving the champions is coming in League of Legends but it is on Riot’s “radar” and “planned fix”.

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