Riot Changes Jungle Again On LoL Patch 12.23B

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The jungle is being changed yet against in Patch 12.23B as Riot ends their balance changes for the year in League of Legends.

As the end of the year approaches, A new League of Legends Season is coming soon. Thus, a bunch of changes and new cosmetics are on the way. It all started with Patch 12.22, launching us into the preseason. Patch 12.22 introduced new items like Heartsteel, Radiant’s Virtue, and much more.

A micro patch, Patch 12.22B, was released to tweak some smaller changes that popped out of Patch 12.22. So far, the changes were to get their new stuff through the door and keep it in check. However, some of their items, like Ravenous Hydra, went over the top. Hence, Patch 12.23 addressed a lot of that.

Patch 12.23 also made some changes in the jungle as well. The jungle has been a testing ground for Riot this preseason as jungle pets were introduced along with many more. With so many tweaks coming, the jungle looks and plays differently. However, as more changes happen, more problems emerge, and Riot tries to patch all that.

This brings us to Patch 12.23B, where there are more jungle changes. Let’s talk about what the micro patch has in store for the jungle in League of Legends.

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Jungle Changes in Patch 12.23B

There are many changes coming to the jungle in Patch 12.23B. It ranged from changes to the Mosstomper to make Epic Monsters faster to kill. Also, the gold economy is being tweaked for junglers since many funnel strategies have popped up. Here are all the changes as shared by Spideraxe.

Epic Monsters

The damage reduction on Epic Monsters became a problem, so Riot is coming down on it a bit.

  • Damage Reduction: 30%>>> 20%.

Gold Gain

The gold income from the jungle is being nerfed on different fronts as both gold from treats, and camp gold is being changed.

  • Gold From Treats: 35 gold >>> 30 gold.
  • Monster Camp Gold Changes (Specifics Unknown)


The little green pet is taking a hit as the Mosstomper gives too many shields currently.

  • Shield: 75 – 330 >>> 60 – 281.

With all that said, this will be the last jungle changes for the year. As Patch 13.1 will release early next year, we can only hope that the jungle will find some consistency before Season 13 starts.

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