Riot Buffs Turrets in League of Legends 2023 Preseason

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Turrets have been buffed in PBE as the 2023 Preseason is coming soon to League of Legends.

Another preseason is upon us as the Preseason 2023 patch is coming soon to League of Legends. Riot always takes the approach of shaking up the game in the preseason patches. These changes are generally changing systems or adding more mechanics and such.

So far, we know of several major updates coming, like the Jungle changes, Chemtech additions, the Ping system, etc. All of those changes are monumental, but it is to be expected in the preseason. That gives Riot time to get the updates out, let the live server players play it, and then balance it as we go. Another massive benefit is that these patches don’t affect major Esports or Ranked Seasons for a while, as those take a break after Worlds is over.

Thus, with major changes coming, many smaller changes fall under the radar. A lot of the changes were item changes and so on. Champions also will receive some form of changes. One of Riot’s recent changes to the PBE is the Turret changes coming soon. Here is what we know about it.

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Turret Changes in League of Legends

The turret changes have hit the test server, with new PBE updates landing to test changes. We know the changes are being tested courtesy of Spideraxe. Here are the changes as follows:

  • Turret Plate Gold value increased from 160 to 175 gold each
  • Bonus Resistances per plate destroyed increased from 35 to 40

The change signal gives teams more value for having more priority in the lane. Also, this makes turrets harder to destroy as the plates get stronger for every single plate destroyed.

These changes will increase the priority of teams and players to play more aggressively and push lanes while getting a higher priority on Rift Herald. Whether the Rift Herald damage to turrets changes in any way will be one thing to track going forward. Thus, these are the changes coming to Turrets as Riot keeps working on their preseason patch that is expected to land in a few weeks.

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