Riot Buffs Orianna, Zoe, Annie & Lillia in Patch 13.2

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has confirmed that in patch 13.2, they will give some much-needed buffs to Orianna, Zoe, Annie & Lillia.

Patch 13.2 will be the second patch of this all-new season 13 of League of Legends. Moreover, it is the first proper balance patch after the start of this new ranked season.

In the previous patch, 13.1, Riot not only buffed a bunch of champions but also nerfed seven different champions. Furthermore, they also mini-reworked Jax. They also buffed various items like Axiom’s Arc, Winter’s Approach, Rod of Ages, etc. And they also adjusted Jak’Sho and overall reworked Seraph’s Embrace.

Overall this patch was very balanced compared to preseason, and some of the patches came before it. But the patch still wasn’t perfect. Champions who never were in the spotlight became extremely overpowered, like Maokai, Kindred, Ryze, etc. But also, many other champions either lost their spotlight or became obsolete. So this patch is aimed at fixing some of them.

Lead Designer at the Summoner’s Rift team, RiotPhroxzon, recently revealed on Twitter all the upcoming changes of patch 13.2. He revealed that four champions would be receiving massive buffs. They are, Orianna, Zoe, Annie, and Lillia.

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Patch 13.2 Buffs

Annie Buffs

  • Base Stats
    • Scaling Mana Regen: 0.8 >> 1.0
  • Passive – Pyromania
    • Stun is now primed on game start and respawn.
  • W – Incinerate
    • Mana cost: 90-110 >>> 70-110
  • E – Molten Shield
    • Now can only reflect damage once per target, per shield
      • Note: Tibbers duplicated shield counts as a new shield
    • E base shield: 40 – 220 >>> 60 – 220
    • Damage is reflected from all damage, not just auto attacks
    • E Movement Speed: 50% decaying to 15 – 35% flat
  • R – Tibbers!
    • Tibbers HP: 1300-3100 (+0% AP) >>> 1300-3100 (+75% AP)
    • Tibbers Resists: 30-90 (+0% AP) >>> 30-90 (+5% AP)
    • Tibbers Movement Speed: 370 >>> 350/375/400 (With ranks)

Earlier this month,  RiotRayYonggi, revealed all the upcoming Annie changes coming to League of Legends.

Though this patch is overall a good quality-of-life change for Annie, it fixes many prominent Annie issues. This patch fixes her early-game mana issues. Furthermore, they also made her passive stun more consistent.

Finally, Annie’s ultimate – Tibbers! received a huge durability buff. With this patch, Tibbers has more sustain than ever, and also Tibbers will have higher movement speed in the late game. Overall it is a healthy change for Annie.

Orianna Buffs

Orianna hasn’t received a proper patch since the durability update. And the last patch she received before that was in season 11. Because of that, she has gotten very mediocre in the game. Although she isn’t a bad champion, she isn’t particularly significant either. She isn’t picked a lot, even with the new buffed Archangel’s Staff.

In the current meta, Orianna has a 48.93% win rate with only a 1.8% pick rate. To give her a little spotlight, Riot will be buffing her in the upcoming patch 13.2.

Zoe Buffs

Although Zoe is a burst mage, she almost has the same issue as Orianna. Though she isn’t a bad champion, she isn’t up to par with some of the other mages. However, she has a comparatively higher pick rate and win rate than Orianna but not a lot compared to some meta mages.

Zoe currently has a win rate of 49.61% and a pick rate of 2.6%. Overall she might not receive as huge of a buff as Orianna, but Zoe will still receive a few minor buffs in this upcoming patch, 13.2.

Lillia Buffs

Lillia is the champion with the worst win rate in the current meta. Though she did receive some significant buffs in patch 12.23, she later got nerfed again in the subsequent patch 12.23B. Even with Jak’Sho, she still couldn’t compete with some meta junglers like Udyr, Maokai, Fiddlesticks, etc.

In the current meta, Lillia has an abysmal 47.26% win rate with only a 2.1% pick rate. Overall, Riot will buff her in the upcoming patch because she is a very well-designed champion.

Release Date

All the buffs mentioned above will hit live servers in patch 13.2, scheduled to release on Wednesday, Jan 25, 2023.

Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.