Riot Bans LoL Esports Capsule Farming Bot

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Bots are being banned from farming League of Legends Esports Capsule.

Riot has been using events and such to give free rewards to players in League of Legends. Generally, most of the loot acquired by players comes from Hextech Chest and Keys. Other than that, Showcase Events/Event Passes yield Orbs and such, and there is also loot given for watching Esports games.

In terms of Showcase Events, Battle Passes provide players with free and paid rewards. However, there was a controversy recently regarding that, as the Broken Covenant Showcase Event did not have missions. Also, several other types of Missions have generally given icons and such.

Esports drops are also part of the free rewards process. Players earn them by tuning in to livestreams. There is also the Prime Gaming Capsule you can redeem if you have a Prime Subscription. Plenty of rewards are up for grabs in the Esports drops side of things as more got added due to the Season Kickoff 2023 emotes.

With the new drop system, there was a farming bot that emerged that allowed people to get Esports Capsule. People were using it to get a lot of orange essence to unlock their favorite skins. However, it seems Riot has started to ban the bots, and Here is what we know about it.

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Riot Banning LoL Esports Capsule Farming Bot

As per SkinSpotlights, Riot is banning people from using bots.

It makes sense considering how the bots work. The bots are essentially pinging the Riot API and signal it is watching while it’s not. Riot figured out how to detect this and is now banning them. It was a long time coming as players exploited it for orange essence and more. Best to stay clear of farming bots for now and just watch whenever you can in an attempt to get loot.

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