How To Get Farm Unlimited Orange Essence In League of Legends (AFK Farm Tactic)

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Looking for a way to farm Orange Essence with minimal effort? Let’s find out how.

One of the greatest systems added to League of Legends was the introduction of Hextech Crafting. Added to the game on Patch 6.5, the system allows players to get Champions, Icons, Ward Skins, and even Skins for free. Hextech Crafting is well-liked among the player base, especially Free to Play players who don’t like to spend much money on video games.

But since the introduction of the Hextech Crafting system, players were put in a different predicament: the lack of Orange Essence.

Orange Essence is a crafting material that players can use to upgrade their skin shards into permanent skins and unlock some other cosmetic items as well. It’s hard to get currently that requires additional effort.

One way to get Orange Essence is by disenchanting Skin Shards, Icons, Ward Skins, and Emotes. But one of the most optimal ways to get them from disenchanting Icons and Emotes obtained from the Esports Capsule. Sadly getting the Esports capsules to drop is pretty time-consuming, and you’d have to watch a ton of Esports matches even to get a decent chance of getting the drops.

Additionally, not all league players and into the Esports scheme, or they don’t have time to watch many games. Thus, many people are not able to take advantage of such a great feature.

But fear not, for the people who cannot take advantage of the drops, League of Poro have created an automatic capsule farmer just for them.

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AFK Orange Essence Farmer

Just as the name suggests, it lets you farm Orange Essence without the hassle of watching a ton of Esports matches. It is a program that essentially watches all the esports matches for you. Meaning you get your rewards just by keeping your computer on. It’s that easy.

How to use use the Orange Essence Farmer?

Use these simple steps shown in the video below to get started.

YouTube video

Huge thanks to League of Poro for creating such an excellent tool. Also, check out their Youtube page for more information and fun content.

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