League of Legends Esports Drops 2023: LCS, LEC, LCK, And More

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Drops are back for Season 2023 of League of Legends Esports for the LCK, LEC, LPL, LCS, and more.

Season 2023 of League of Legends started a while back. With the new year, more LoLEsports games are already ongoing. All the major leagues, like the LEC, LPL, LCK, and LCS, are going through their first split of the year.

Worlds and MSI in 2023 are also getting format changes, as the community has wanted this for a while. Also, the LEC made changes to spice up the year of competition. With the start of the new esports year, some drops will be given out for watching games.

Drops are free rewards given out to players for watching esports games. Due to this, Riot decided to provide some updates about drops in 2023. Here is all you need to know about drops in 2023.

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What Are Drops?

As mentioned earlier, drops are rewards given out to players for watching games. The drops can be rewards such as exclusive emotes and icons earned for various events that happen during the broadcast. Drops will be given out at random and will have higher chances in situations such as:

  • Pentakills (highest chance of getting drops when this happens)
  • Stolen Objectives and other moments (have a chance of increased drops)

You may not receive drops for multiple days or get multiple ones in a day. All of it is random and can happen.

LoL Season 2023 Drops

Let’s talk about all you need to know about drops.

Exclusive Rewards

The drops will be exclusive emotes and icons starting with the early drops. Later, additional rewards will be added to the 2023 competitive calendar.

How To Get Drops?

To get drops, you need to do the following things.

  1. Go to LoLEsports.com
  2. Login through a Riot ID associated with your League of Legends account.
  3. Watch live broadcasts on the LoL Esports website.

A green checkmark on the live broadcasts will tell you whether drops are enabled and whether you will receive them. One thing to note, drops cannot be obtained through VODs.

How to Redeem Drops?

When you receive a drop, a card will tell you how to redeem it. In-game rewards will be delivered to your account within 24 hours, while Riot Support will contact you within 30 days for delivery purposes if you win merchandise.

If you wish to know if you received any drops, log in to your Riot ID and go to the Rewards tab to check whether you got any.

Are There Any Limitations To Receiving Drops?

Most drops are obtainable globally. However, some regions may have restrictions. As long as you have a Riot ID, you are able to get drops. Currently, Tencent and Garena accounts are not supported.

Receiving Different Drops From Other Users or Not Receiving Any?

The drops have different rarities and may have variable amounts of them available. So some players receiving drops and others do not is completely normal. Also, some drops have multiple rarities so that people can receive different drops simultaneously.

Due to laws and other factors, drops can also differ based on the region.

Which Leagues Have Drops Enabled?

Most of the major regions, like the LCK, should have drops enabled. However, to be sure, check the different leagues’ social media accounts to confirm. Drops are only enabled for Riot Regions at this moment.

For all the details, go to the official post for all the extra info.

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