Riot banned a player for using a racial slur in VALORANT live on Twitch

Player banned over racial slur

Riot Games banned a VALORANT player for using a racial slur in chat.

His reaction was caught live on stream as his friend was streaming at that time. Riot Games has always been really vigilant when it comes to any kind of racial or harassment in their games. Looks like VALORANT have received the same kind of treatment as League of Legends.

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Even though this happened during a closed beta Riot didn’t take any chances and used their ban hammer instantly. Using derogatory terms in online multiplayer games isn’t anything new. Riot has a lot of experience in this particular domain as League of Legends can be really toxic sometimes.

Riot uses an automated ban on those players who uses certain curse words almost immediately. Riot promised a new FPS that will cater to players who are just competitive in nature. And with that competitiveness comes some unwanted rant in the chat.

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Riot has already thought about all those possibilities and already working actively against those users by banning them from the beta. VALORANT has been in the closed beta mode for some time now. During the time, they already banned their first cheater with more planned down the line.

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