Respawn’s writer lashed out on data miners as they revealed crucial info regarding the upcoming quests in Apex

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Tom Casiello the Emmy Award-Winning Writer who is currently working with Respawn as their writer for Apex Legends lashed out on data miners on twitter.

Writers at Respawn usually work long hours to deliver consistent story bits that give each legend more depth than your typical hero shooter. And some leakers on the internet just diminished their months of hard work in an instant without giving it much thought.

According to Tom Casiello, these attention seekers are not helping anyone but themselves. He has been dealing with these leakers that are hungry for some Internet infamy for 25 years. Furthermore, he also explained that these sentiments are his own and they do not reflect what EA or Respawn thinks regarding the matter.

Are data miners ruining the surprise element in Apex’s Quests?

Data miners usually go through the game files after every major update to figure out what Respawn or any game devs are currently working on to give players a taste of what to expect in future events. In the process of digging through these files, sometimes they accidentally reveal something that the writers were actually trying to keep a secret from players until the very last minute.

Apex “The Broken Ghost” Quest
Image via Respawn

When the story leaks out, players unwillingly get caught in the crossfire of these spoilers. Consequently, these story spoilers might affect their enjoyment of the game.

During season 4 when Respawn was trying to keep Revenant as a secret but these data miners ruined the surprise for many passionate players. Even though most of these miners are usually very cautious of what they reveal, sometimes leaks become very widespread and kills the suspense for some of these big reveals that developers were meticulously building for months or sometimes years.

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