Respawn To Increase Level Cap To 700 in Apex Legends

Recent leaks from a data miner confirm that Respawn will increase the Apex Legends level cap to at least 700 in the near future.

Like other FPS titles, Apex Legends also offers an in-game level system. Players can advance through rank by playing the game and earning XP. When the game was released, players could only reach 100 levels playing the game.

However, as the game aged, Respawn increased the level cap to 500 because it was nothing more than a child’s play, even for newbies to reach 100 levels effortlessly. As the level progressed, they also added more free rewards, including Apex Packs.

The game celebrated its third year anniversary in February 2022. Most Apex players who spent an average amount of time in the game have hit the max 500 level by now. Even the players who started playing Apex legends later have easily managed to reach max level.

Apex Legends does not offer a similar system to Call of Duty’s prestige rank, where players can go well beyond their maximum level. As a result, Apex players need to stay at the 500 level no matter what. Not to mention, the game does not provide free rewards after reaching 500 levels, so it is also discouraging for many.

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Level Cap Increasing to 700

A recent leak from a prominent data miner called SomeoneWhoLeaks found two level badges in the game, suggesting an increase in the current level cap.

According to SWL, there are two level badges following two respective legend themes: Octane & Lifeline. Not to mention, there are 40 different badges for 501 to 700 levels. That means after progressing through every 5 levels, the badge will upgrade by a little, just like the current level badges.

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