Apex Legends Three Year Anniversary Celebration: Free Login Rewards, Release Dates, & More

Respawn has revealed what they have in store for players in the upcoming three-year anniversary event in Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment made a name for themselves in the first-person shooter space with the release of Titanfall. In 2019, Respawn decided to join in the highly competitive battle royale genre of video games with Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is based in the same universe as the Titanfall games. Following its official launch, diehard Titanfall fans were displeased as they expected Respawn to release Titanfall 3; instead, they made their first foray into the battle royale space.

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However, as soon as players got their hands on this battle royale, both critics and casual gamers fell in love with this game. As a result, it garnered a massive fanbase shortly after its release. As Apex Legends is nearing its third anniversary, Respawn has revealed what sort of rewards they have in store for players.

Respawn will give free login rewards to both old and new players in the upcoming anniversary celebration event.

Free Login Rewards:

Celebrate the third Anniversary of Apex Legends with three weeks of rewards✝! Jump into Apex Legends: Defiance and for a limited-time earn Legends, Thematic packs, and a Legendary pack.

Apex Legends Three Year Anniversary Celebration
Image Credit: Respawn

Release Dates:

  • Week 1 (February 8 – February 15)

Feel the speed in Week 1 by permanently unlocking Octane plus Three Thematic Packs

  • Week 2 (February 15 – February 22)

Get charged in Week 2 by permanently unlocking Wattson Character plus three Thematic Packs.

  • Week 3 (February 22 – March 1)

Take to the skies in Week 3 by permanently unlocking Valkyrie plus three Thematic Packs and one Legendary Pack.

How to Collect Free Login Rewards:

To collect all the free rewards in the upcoming anniversary event, players need to log into their Apex Legends account. All the free tier rewards will be added to the player’s inventory shortly after logging into their account on those specific days mentioned above.

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