Respawn is finally giving Revenant the ability to “climb to the top”, confirmed by a dev

In the current state of Apex Legends, Revenant is not very popular as most players still believe this murder machine is not that powerful in actual games.

According to a Respawn dev, Revenant is still very weak and not particularly popular in the current meta. While Revenant’s whole kit received massive changes to be more viable, the dev believes he is still not as powerful as he seems at first glance.

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As a result, Respawn is currently testing some buffs that should give him more power. However, those changes might not move the needle on power by a large margin. Instead, they will be more like a small powerup.

Revenant Wall climbing buff

Revenant wall climbing passive
Image via Apex Legends’ official SubReddit

Furthermore, the devs also confirmed that Revenant is finally getting the ability to climb higher than all the other legends in the game. So, Revenant should be able to climb the top of every building in the game.

The other changes that are currently being playtested alongside the passive buff have not been revealed, as of writing. But fans are speculating that Respawn might be working on some sort of hitbox-related changes for Revenant.

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Diehard Revenant players believe with possible hitbox changes alongside the ability to climb higher should make him really scary.

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