Lifeline is performing too well following the recent changes, says Respawn dev

Lifeline was always a very popular legend in Apex despite multiple reworks and changes made to her entire kit.

In the past season, she was a nightmare to fight in a 1v1 scenario as she would just spam and abuse her passive res shield. Since many players complained about how frustrating that felt, Respawn finally acknowledged the issue and removed the shield.

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But they still kept her ability to revive teammate using her drone. On top of that, her Ultimate care package drop got another small buff as it now confirms at least one upgrade. In the current state, she is performing really well.

Lifeline is still OP

Although for the most part, her passive can be countered since it no longer has the shield. And her usage rate in the Arenas game mode spiked as the price of the gold backpack is still low. Therefore, it can be used to get an edge over your opponents.

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To control her dominance, Respawn dev says they might look to nerf her hitbox or ability in future patches. But as of now, nothing is confirmed. For the most part, Lifeline is a joy to play with and against following the updates. Still, she might get hit with some extra nerfs in near future.

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