Respawn is Currently Working on a “Gifting System” For Skin Trading

Finally, Respawn is working on implementing a “Gifting System” in Apex Legends. With that, players will be able to exchange their in-game items with others.

Since Apex Legends is a free-to-play FPS battle royale game set in the same universe as the Titanfall franchise of video games, Respawn Entertainment opted to use the “freemium” model to monetize this game. As such, players don’t have to purchase the game to enter the Outlands.

Instead, players can purchase cosmetic items such as Skins, Battle Passes, Trackers, Banners, Emotes, and more to customize their play session in Apex Legends. Furthermore, players can also buy loot boxes called Apex packs that provide players with 3 items.

As Apex Packs give you random items, most often, they turn out to be the unwanted cosmetics that anyone can ask for. Even if you get your hands on something Golden, you only find it to be a Legendary Mozambique skin, a Banner Frame, or a skin for a Legend that you never play with.

Apex Legends does not have an in-game trading system. As a result, you need to keep whatever you get from the Packs, and they stay in your inventory, collecting dust. However, this might change very soon.

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Respawn is Working on a “Gifting System”

According to Dexerto, the Apex Legends design director Evan Nikolich talked a little bit about the “gifting system” that Respawn has been working on lately. He said, “[Gifting] is actually something we’re working on actively right now. It’s something we’ve been trying to get in the game.”

Judging by his narration, it seems like we might be able to see an in-game trading system in the near future. However, Respawn will not add a free trading system as it might not just “dial in right.”

According to Evan Nikolich, “It’s a more complex issue than just adding gifting, how do we make it fair and give it the right motivation?” He further added, “We want to make sure it doesn’t feel cheap or grindy. So when we add gifting, we want it to be something we can embrace as part of that celebration, that takes time to dial in just right.”

So, even if Respawn adds the “gifting system” or “in-game trading” system, they’ll add some regulations to it. In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how Respawn implements this system in Apex Legends in the future.

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