Apex Legends Dev Reacts to Unique Fan-Made Horizon Buff Concepts in Season 12

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

An observant Apex Legends developer reacted to fan-made buff ideas for characters such as Horizon.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind the popular multiplier first-person shooter game Titanfall, entered the battle royale market with Apex Legends, which is also set in the same universe. Apex Legends’ heavy focus on fluid movements with solid first-person shooter mechanics has helped them garner a massive player base.

With each new seasonal update in Apex Legends, Respawn introduces new Legends, maps, game modes, skins, and more to help with player retention. On top of that, the dev team at Respawn makes balancing updates featuring buffs and nerfs to various weapons and Legends to take the meta into a new direction.

One really crafty Apex Legends fan decided to come up with unique buffs and nerfs for different characters in the current character meta to spice things up a bit. The Reddit user u/Mufasakong basically suggested that to buff Horizon, what if Respawn attaches her tactical to any surface? It would then “lift” players in the direction they are currently facing.

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Respawn Dev Responds

Apex Horizon Buff
Image Credit: Respawn

This player’s take on a theoretical buff to Horizon was so on point that even a dev at Respawn decided to respond. According to one developer, they have apparently tried the aforementioned buff for Horizon. However, due to the uneven nature of some terrains in the current map pool, this change to her tactical ability created more unpredictability than they initially intended.

byu/Mufasakong from discussion

The dev later went on to further elaborate on how much fun that tweak was and how it opened a lot of cool gameplay possibilities for Horizon. Horizon is still in a pretty decent state in the current legend meta.

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