Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Yellow Herb Locations

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Keep reading to learn where to find all the Yellow Herbs in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Resources are scarce in Resident Evil games, and the same applies to the new Resident Evil 4 Remake as well. As any Resident Evil fan may know, herbs are a staple resource in replenishing your character’s health. And among them, Yellow Herbs are sought-after the most due to their amazing capability of permanently increasing your maximum HP.

However, Yellow Herbs are also among the most difficult resources to obtain in Resident Evil 4 Remake, as they’re always tucked away in hard-to-reach corners that often require some puzzle-solving to access.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Yellow Herb Locations

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The Yellow herbs in Resident Evil 4 Remake have a fern-like appearance with yellow hues to them. While it cannot be consumed on its own, you can combine it with other herbs, such as Green Herbs or Red Herbs, to increase your maximum health capacity.

There are a total of 19 Yellow Herbs in the game. To ensure you don’t miss out on any of them, we’ve listed all the Yellow Herb locations from each chapter and how to obtain them.

All Yellow Herb Locations in RE4 Remake

Below are all the Yellow Herb locations from all 15 chapters.

Chapter 1 Yellow Herb Location

The first Yellow Herb in Resident Evil 4 Remake can be found in the Village map area. You’ll stumble across this herb when searching for a cog around the farm to open up the farm’s gate. Once you come across the booby trap, disarm it and make a left turn. You can find the herb on top of the barrel just past the ladder.

Chapter 2 Yellow Herb Locations

There are two Yellow Herbs for you to find in Chapter 2. You will find the first herb soon after dropping off the wall into the Valley. There will be a house with an open window right next to the Valley’s entrance. So, jump inside the house through the window to find the Yellow Herb sitting on top of a chest drawer. The second herb from this chapter can actually be purchased from the Merchant for 3 Spinels.

Chapter 3 Yellow Herb Location

This yellow herb can be found when solving the Hexagon Stone Pedestal puzzle. You will need to head to the dock near the Fish Farm and look for the shed that’s southwest of the boat and beside the ladder. Now, head inside and turn left. You’ll find the herb by the side of the table.

Chapter 4 Yellow Herb Location

You’ll find the next Yellow Herb when exploring the Large Cave Shrine in Chapter 4. The placement of the herb is pretty straightforward. However, you might still miss it without your flashlight on. To snag this herb, enter the cave and keep walking forward. Then take a sharp turn to your right when you reach the barrels. The herb will be right next to the shovel.

Chapter 5 Yellow Herb Location

The Yellow Herb in Chapter 5 is pretty hard to miss. When exploring the Village Chief’s Manor with Ashley, turn right from the wall safe to find the collapsable ladder. Help Ashley up so that she can lower the ladder for you. After climbing into the attic, turn right to find the herb on the table.

Chapter 6 Yellow Herb Location

The seventh Yellow Herb in Resident Evil 4 Remake can be found in the Checkpoint area. You’ll need to head east of the map and climb up the wooden stairs. Then, turn to your left (opposite from the barrels) to find the herb.

Chapter 7 Yellow Herb Location

You’ll find the next herb when exploring the Audience Chamber in Chapter 7. Once you’ve fought off all the Zealots, head to the southeast corner of the room and towards the stairs. Then turn your attention to the cabinets to your right, where all the candles are stacked together. You then have to open the lighter-colored cabinet and collect the Yellow Herb.

Chapter 8 Yellow Herb Location

You’ll find this next Yellow Herb in Castle Battlements after the El Gigante starts throwing boulders at you. Keep solving all the puzzles until you reach the very top of the northern castle tower. Then circle around the center to find the Yellow Herb sitting next to a chest.

Chapter 9 Yellow Herb Location

This Yellow Herb can actually be found inside the room you wake up in at the start of chapter 9. Just head towards the gramophone and pick up the herb from the windowsill. You can’t miss it.

Chapter 10 Yellow Herb Location

To get the next Yellow Herb, you need to navigate your way through the Depths until you find the ladder to climb up to. However, you’ll notice that there’s a broken structure right beside the ladder. You need to kick down the stone wall to enter the secret room. Then, go ahead and collect the herb that’s sitting right on top of a crate at the rightmost corner of the room.

Chapter 11 Yellow Herb Location

You can find this next Yellow Herb near the second minecart in the Hive area. When you are making your way back to the surface, stop at the junction on the southeast corner of the map. Then, kill the Novistador lurking there and walk past the red barrel. You’ll find the herb right on top of the pile of cement bags.

Chapter 12 Yellow Herb Location

You’ll find the next Yellow Herb when you’re in the Clocktower area in Chapter 12. You’ll come across another Merchant once you’ve finished the elevator sequence and made it outside. When you do, head inside the next room with the typewriter and collect the herb placed next to it.

Chapter 13 Yellow Herb Locations

There are actually two Yellow Herbs for you to obtain in Chapter 13. You can find the first one after passing the Wharf area. Once you’ve progressed far past the laser turrets, climbed up the ladder and reached the cave, head to your left until you reach the dead end. The Yellow Herb can be found right on top of the rubble.

For the second Yellow Herb from this chapter, you’ll need to progress far enough until you’ve reached the Incubation Lab area. This will involve solving the Electric Lock puzzle. Once you have access, head down the stairs, kill the monster, and head inside the office to your left. Now, walk towards the end of the room to find the Yellow Herb next to the pile of documents.

Chapter 14 Yellow Herb Locations

Just like in Chapters 2 and 13, you can obtain two Yellow Herbs in Chapter 14 as well. The first one can be found on one of the shelves in the Amber Storeroom.

The second Yellow Herb can be found in the Ruins after Krauser transforms. The Yellow Herb will be tucked away in a narrow corner to your right.

Chapter 15 Yellow Herb Locations

Just like in the previous chapter, there are two Yellow Herbs for you to collect in Chapter 15 as well. You’ll find the first one in the Stronghold area right as you reach the building with the AA gun. Then, make your way to the second floor of the building and keep hearing north until you reach the room entrance. The Yellow Herb can be found in the right corner.

The final Yellow Herb in Resident Evil 4 Remake can be found in the Specimen Storage area of Sanctuary Approach. Once you get past the Novistadors, climb up the stone stairs to your left that leads to a room with a pile of boxes. Kill the Novistador lurking in the room and pick up the herb.

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