Resident Evil 4 Remake: How To Increase Inventory

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Learn how to manage and increase your Attache Case Inventory in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil games are always about overcoming stressful situations, whether handling hordes of zombies with limited ammo and resources or fighting through the worst terrain and narrow corridors. This is part of what makes Resident Evil one of the best survival horror experiences.

Resident Evil 4 took inventory management to the next level with its Attache Case system. You could move and change the orientation of your items to sort and organize your inventory. Furthermore, this would also bring in some challenges and make you pick and choose weapons since large weapons would take up more space.

Combining items and ammo management with an interactive case made the gameplay more immersive. At least we would know where our protagonists keep so many things on their journey.

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s inventory management takes it up a notch by adding several new features. The Attache Case can now be upgraded to provide more room and add several variations and attachments that give you special bonuses and boosts, including attaching unique charms for extra benefits. It gives you an upper edge, you’ll need to take down the unforgiving Saddler and his army.

The remake of Resident Evil 4 introduces amazing new gameplay mechanics and changes that completely overhaul the experience. However, the most change is in the combat, story-telling and characters. More minor, more subtle additions to the Attache Case are wonderful. Something we didn’t know we needed. But we sure do love it. Otherwise, inventory management is kept unchanged in the remake.

This guide walks you through how best to use your Attache Case in Resident Evil 4 Remake and, most importantly, how to upgrade and increase its inventory size.

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Inventory Management With The Attache Case in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Increase Inventory
Credits: Capcom

In Resident Evil 4, you manage inventory using your Attache Case. Which means you keep all your items in one metal case. The case’s space is sorted into squares. Each square is a unit of storage space. Small items take up one square, while bigger items comprise multiple squares.

The game allows you to organize the items in any way you like. Hence, you have to put out the best organizing capabilities to make the most out of your Attache Case spaces. Initially, it might seem unclear, but as you get more items, tinker around with them by moving them around or rotating them. You’ll find your preferred style.

Like other RE games, you can stock away items in separate storage accessed from the typewriter. Keep older, weaker, or less essential things here.

Other than moving around the items, there are different ways to keep your inventory as efficiently organized as possible. These are:

  • Carry weapons of a single type only: Even if you’d like to keep multiple shotguns or assault rifles to go trigger happy. It’s best to carry one weapon at a time since they’ll be using the same ammo type, and you’d not have to carry extra ammo. Saves both space and ammo.
  • Stack items: Combine stackable items such as ammo and herbs to free up extra space.
  • Don’t carry multiple large weapons: Somewhat similar to the previous point, unless facing a boss fight, don’t carry multiple larger weapons. It would take up almost most of the Attache Case, including extra for ammo. You may also miss out on picking up items for this.
  • Upgrade weapon firepower and ammo capacity: This makes your guns more powerful and stores more ammo in their mags—a subtle way to make extra emergency room.

Following these methods, you can ensure that your Attache Case space always has a spare room. But as the game advances, you’d wish for more free space to keep more items and carry more weapons. Hence, upgrading your Attache Case is the best way to keep your inventory organized and increase space.

Upgrade Attache Case Inventory

Attache Case Upgrades can be bought from the Merchant. As the game progresses, he’ll add more upgrades for your case to buy. Upgrading does not come cheap with each upgrade; you’ll need to pay more Pesetas. The starting price is 10,000 Pesetas. But there are enough ways to farm Pesetas in the game, so you should not have much of a problem.

In addition to upgrading the inventory space of the Attache Case, you can upgrade the case itself, which is new in the game. Each type of case has perks to grant, which increase drop rates of items, such as increased ammo pickups or herbs, etc.

However, Case Upgrades costs Spinels instead of money. Which are hard to come by, and you might not find it all in one playthrough. Even though not game-changing, the different perks from the Cases are a helpful addition to farming resources. You can switch between the cases to increase drop rates of whatever you’re short of.

The types of Attache Cases are:

  • Silver(Default): Increases handgun ammo drop rate.
  • Black: Increases Resources(L) drop rate. It costs 8 Spinels.
  • Leather: Increases Red Herb drop rate. It costs 12 Spinels.
  • Gold(DLC): Increases money drop rate.
  • Classic(DLC): Increases gunpowder drop rate.

These are everything you need to know on managing and upgrading inventory in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Follow these methods to worry less about how to keep your ammo and guns organized and focus more on enjoying blowing zombies and Las Plagas monsters to smithereens.

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