Rammus, Wukong, Gwen, Evelynn, Ziggs, and Jayce Recieve Massive Buffs in Patch 12.20

Riot has confirmed that they will give some much-needed buffs to Jayce, Wukong, Gwen, Evelynn, Ziggs, and Rammus in the upcoming patch 12.20.

As the preseason 2023 is on the horizon, Riot is testing out some significant changes before rolling out all the preseason changes in the live servers.

The previous patch, 12.19, was the first patch after the Worlds patch. This patch was designed with ranked and casual matches in mind. The aim was to buff weaker champions, meanwhile, to nerf champions that are very overpowered. This patch was overall a success, as champions such as Jinx, Sona, Blitzcrank, Fizz, and Ekko have started to get a high pick and win rates.

Patch 12.20 will be similar to the previous patch in that it’s aimed toward solo queue and casual games. So this patch will also buff some significantly weaker champions.

Riot Phroxzon has teased the preview for patch 12.20 on Twitter. In the preview, they would be buffing 6 different champions.

The champions getting buffed are Jayce, Wukong, Gwen, Evelynn, Ziggs, and Rammus.

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Patch 12.20 Buffs

Jayce Buffs

  • Melee W Mana Restore: 6/8/10/12/14/16 >>> 10/12/14/16/18/20
  • Bonus AR/MR: 5/15/25/35 >>> 5/15/25/35 (+7.5% bonus AD)

Like Jinx and Ekko, Jayce got a huge spike in play rate when Arcane was released. Even so, his play rate dwindled faster than the other Arcane champions, as he was weaker than them. Not only is he weaker, but he is also a hard character to play.

In the current meta, he is the 3rd least-played top laner in the game, and he only has a 2.4% pick rate and only a 47.6% win rate.

Wukong Buffs

  • R AD Ratio per Cast: 220% >>> 275%

Wukong is one of the champions who has not been doing well in the top lane. Even though Riot adjusted his kit to make him more viable, the changes made his jungle stronger than ever. Wukong, in the current meta, is less picked in the top lane than in the jungle.

Wukong, in the top lane, only has a 1.0% pick rate and a respectable 50.06% win rate.

Gwen Buffs

  • Q Damage Per Snip: 10-26 >>> 10-30
  • Q Final Snip Damage: 60-140 >>> 60-160

Gwen was one of the strongest champions in season 11. Overall, she was a well-liked champion with a good pick rate in Worlds 2021. The main reason was that Gwen was a good counter-pick against tanks and most bruisers. But after constant nerfs, she is in the weakest state she has ever been. In the current meta, she loses every skirmish in the top lane.

Right now, She only has a 1.6% pick rate with only a 47.61% win rate.

Evelynn Buffs

  • Q Marked Bonus Damage: 10-50 > 15-55
  • W Charm Duration: 1-2s > 1-2.25s

Evelynn is one of the most recognizable characters in League of Legends. Even so, she is not very viable in high elo. Her pick rate is only 2.5% in plat + elo.

Since Riot wants more people to play the weaker champions, they will buff Evelynn in patch 12.20.

Ziggs Buffs

  • Q Damage: 85-285 >>> 95-295

Riot has recently started to pay more attention to niche champions like Ziggs and Fizz.

Ziggs right now is a mediocre champion in the meta. Even though he has a 50.65% win rate, he only has a 1.1% pick rate. To entice other people to play Ziggs more, Riot will be buffing him in the upcoming patch.

Rammus Buffs

  • W Self Slow: Removed
  • R Speed: 105% of original MS >>> 110% of original MS

Rammus is the last champion slated to get a buff. Rammus right now, is one of the weakest tanks in the game. Besides the durability update, Rammus only received one major buff in patch 12.15. Even though that increased his win rate a bit, his win rate and pick rate are now worse than before. He only has a 2.8% pick and a 48.21% win rate.

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