Rainbow Six Siege’s new Irish Defender “Thorn” is bringing an explosive gadget and new gun

Ubisoft has released a brand-new video teaser for Rainbow Six Siege‘s Y6S4 ‘High Calibre‘, revealing the new operator from Ireland: “Thorn“.

Thorn – New Defender

Thorn is the latest defender joining Team Rainbow, and the video shows her in action against attackers, who are breaching the map. Her bright and sharp explosive gadget can be seen sticking to the wall and exploding as the attacker comes closer to its proximity.

The new teaser once again confirms the addition of a brand-new SMG to the game called the ‘SMG5 MK 2‘. As of now, we only know that it will be using .50 GI ammunition, but no other information has been shared.

According to Siege dataminer, benjaminstrike, Thorn’s gadget will be called ‘Razorbloom Shell’. And as seen in the video, this device detonates when attackers trigger its sensor then deals damage based on distance from the blast radius.

“She’s a dedicated woman, stubborn, doesn’t take anyone’s rubbish. She’s a good choice for a recruit – you’d have trouble finding another soldier as strong or as smart.” – Sledge wrote to Caveira in a letter (Ubisoft’s blog post).

“I’ll spare you the stories, she can tell you those herself if she wants to. She’s already told Mira, judging from that insane contraption she designed for her. Territorial is one way to put it – walking into its warning zone is like a cactus kindly telling you that you’re about to step on it barefoot. It’s no less terrifying, but at least you get to adjust. It’s sharp, bright, and beautifully crafted.”

The full reveal of High Calibre and Thorn will be streamed live on twitch.tv/rainbow6 on November 8th (1:30 PM EST) during the first day of the Rainbow Six November Major.

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