Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Melusi’ receives her first Elite Skin

Ubisoft has released a brand-new Elite Skin for the Rainbow Six Siege operator – Melusi.

This elite reveal came just ahead of the new seasonal reveal panel for Y6S4 ‘High Calibre’, which has left some fans confused. Nevertheless, the trailer for Melusi’s first elite skin is here, and it looks dope.

Melusi’s new Elite Set includes:

  • Umvikeli Uniform
  • Headgear
  • Victory Dance
  • Gadget Skin for her Banshee
  • Weapon Skin for MP5, RG15 and Super 90
  • Elite Melusi Chibi charm

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The elite skin takes Melusi back to her roots in the South African wildlife, protecting animals from the threats of poachers. The whole elite skin set will cost players 1800 R6 Credits. This is just a cosmetic item, so don’t feel forced to spend your real money if you cannot afford it.

Ubisoft also plans to bring elite customization in the future, which will allow players to mix and match the specific skins in the set. Currently, this feature is in phase 1 that only enables you to change your headgear, but soon players will also be able to change uniforms and keep the victory animation.

Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Year 6 Season 4 ‘High Calibre’ is bringing the new defender “Thorn”, a new gun, and more. So make sure to catch the reveal stream live at twitch.tv/rainbow6 on November 8th (1:30 PM EST) during the first day of the Rainbow Six November Major.

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