Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Roadmap: Everything you need to know

Sadnan Nafis
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Ubisoft has just revealed Rainbow Six Siege‘s Year 8 roadmap, and the future of the tactical FPS shooter is looking brighter than ever.

Rainbow Six Siege is not slowing down anytime soon, as the game is stepping foot into Year 8, which is looking quite promising. Ubisoft has already shared that they are making plans for the next 10 years of the game, so Siege fans can rest assure that the support from devs will continue as long as the community keeps showing the immense passion.

We already saw a glimpse into Year 8 with the Y8S1 reveal panel, but now it’s time to look forward into the entire roadmap. From new operators, maps, balancing changes, security features, to quality-of-life updates, Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 is packed with a lot of exciting content.

Find Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 roadmap changes listed below.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Roadmap

rainbow six siege year 8 roadmap

Season 1: Operation Commanding Force

  • Operation Commanding Force
  • New Attacker: ‘Brava from Brazil
  • Mousetrap (More Details)
  • Battle Pass & Event

You can find more information about the Y8S1 updates in our article here.

Season 2

  • New Operator from Sweden
  • Map Rework: Consulate
    • Rebuilt from the ground up
  • Permanent Arcade Playlist
  • Frost Welcom Mat rework
  • Battle Pass & Event

Season 3

  • New Operator from South Korea
  • Quickmatch 2.0
  • New defender secondary gadget: Observation Blocker
    • Deployable projection, opaque to drones
  • Battle Pass & Event

Season 4

  • Operator from Portugal
  • New map
    • Includes aspects that “we haven’t seen before” in existing maps
  • Shield Operator rework
    • Removed hipfire in exchange for better protection
    • Turn camera/vision independently from shield
  • Battle Pass & Event

Player Behavior

  • Anti-mouse & keyboard measure for consoles: Mousetrap
  • PC anti-cheat measure: QB
  • Addition to Reputation System: Player Commendation
  • Privacy Mode coming to consoles

Player Comfort

  • Controllers: layout presets & button remap
  • Improved gadget interaction: picking up & deploying gadgets


  • Y8S1: Beginner Challenges
  • Y8S2: New target modes in the shooting range, Aim Lab-style
  • Y8S3: Playable tutorials with Operator rewards
  • Y8S4: AI Defender playlist, play against advanced bots


  • November: R6 Major in the U.S.
  • Next February: Six Invitational in Brazil

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