Rainbow Six Siege gets new Anti-Cheat patch to combat PC cheaters

Ubisoft has announced its latest update regarding Rainbow Six Siege‘s anti-cheat measure.

The Siege community has longed for a better anti-cheat service from Ubisoft for the past few years, as the Ranked mode has been filled with cheaters. Finally, a new Rainbow Six Siege anti-cheat update has been released for PC players, and Ubisoft is “confident” in its implemented solution.

Ubisoft stated that they have been working on this new anti-cheat initiative for the past few months. While not many details have been shared about this update, for obvious reasons, we hope it helps curb the number of hackers in the PC Siege community. Find more details about the update below (source: Ubisoft).


We recently released a security update to the PC population. This new initiative was developed over the past months to combat cheating.

While we cannot share details of the update in order to protect its integrity, we’re confident of the solution we’ve been able to put in place. We take the cheating concerns the community has shared with us seriously and are always looking for novel ways to secure both our game and players.

Note that we will be monitoring the effects of our change closely as it will have an impact on some third-party applications. We will also keep an eye out for any of your reports on changed behaviors.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if any new issues are encountered through the R6Fix platform as it will help us improve our solution.


For an overview on bans, we bring our latest BattlEye and Data Ban numbers, including data until the end of October.

[R6S] News article - Anti-Cheat Status Update October 2022 - Ban Chart v2


Since our last Anti-Cheat update and with our latest game updates, we’ve continued our work on addressing cheats that have been affecting players. Below are the cheats that we’ve been working on, with updates to them now being live.

  • Pause in planning phase
  • Amaru NoClip
  • Aruni Melee exploit
  • Iana NoClip
  • Force Gadget
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Remote/instant Kill

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