Rainbow Six Siege Mousetrap Anti-Cheat: How does it work to discourage MnK users?

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 1 Reveal Panel took place yesterday, and Ubisoft finally revealed a unique anti-cheat measure to fight off Mouse and Keyboard users on consoles.

Players often try to get an advantage on consoles, especially in FPS games, by using a mouse and keyboard (MnK) through a third-party hardware adapter. The console community knows very well how frustrating this issue can be, and no gaming company has been able to mitigate this problem completely.

However, Ubisoft is introducing a new ‘Mousetrap’ anti-cheat feature that will discourage using this unfair advantage.

R6S: What will Mousetrap do?

Image collected from SiegeGG

Essentially, MouseTrap is designed to introduce a delay in input response for external devices that are not controllers, such as a mouse or keyboard. This delay will continue to escalate until the mouse and keyboard are entirely disconnected, leaving the player with no option but to switch to a controller in order to resume normal gameplay. As a result, this places players using a mouse and keyboard at a significant disadvantage compared to those using a controller.

This new anti-cheat measure will cause a frustrating experience for players who prefer to use a mouse and keyboard for gaming by deliberately inducing input lag. Thus, they will be discouraged to keep on using MnK, as the advantage will now turn into a disvantage for them.

In case you are a gamer with a disability who has to use an adaptive controller on a console and is unable to use a controller comfortably, you can scan a QR code on the screen. This code will take you to Ubisoft, which will assess your situation individually, and you might be granted permission to continue playing.

When will Mousetrap be released?

As stated by Ubisoft, Mousetrap will be added to Rainbow Six Siege with the release of the mid-season Y8S1.2 Patch.

Instead of outright banning the MnK users, Ubisoft has decided to mess with them and create annoyance, which might be a good move. However, we will have to find out after it releases in the upcoming season called Operation Commanding Force.

You can find all the new changes being introduced with Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1 Operation Commanding Force here.

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