Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1 is officially titled ‘Operation Commanding Force’

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
2 Min Read
Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has revealed the official name for Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 Season 1, which is called ‘Operation Commanding Force‘.

The information was revealed on Rainbow Six Siege’s official Twitter account, alongside a teaser for the new operator gadget.

The new teaser shows the unique gadget that the new operator will helm. While we don’t have any details about this device yet, we can identify the gadget as some sort of a remote-controlled drone similar to Flores’ Ratero drone.

However, it does not seem like the gadget will explode, instead, as suggested by many fans, it could be a projectile-catching device for the attacking side. But we are not sure how it would play out in Siege’s gameplay.

Apart from this, Ubisoft has now shared an interesting update for the Year 8 reveal panel.

Console players will be delighted to know that Rainbow Six Siege devs will finally shed some light on the MnK problem. This issue has persisted for years now, and it seems like a solution might finally be introduced in Year 8.

Tune-in to the full reveal LIVE on Saturday, Feb. 18 to learn more about this highly anticipated update! Watch at twitch.tv/Rainbow6 or youtube.com/Ubisoft – 2:30 PM EST / 8:30 PM CET.

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