Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 Patch Notes: Ranked 2.0 Tweaked, New Controller Layouts, Seasonal Weapon Skin, and More

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Ubisoft recently revealed Rainbow Six Siege’s Y8S2 Operation Dread Factor, which introduces new Defender Fenrir, Consulate map rework, and many new changes.

The biggest additions of Y8S2 are the new operator, map rework, permanent arcade playlist, new observation blocker gadget, and shooting range updates. However, the patch notes of the new season have now been released, which gives a look at more quality-of-life changes that will surely get many players excited.

Ubisoft has mentioned that Ranked 2.0 will be receiving some tweaks; specifically, ranking up at the top of the ladder will get much more difficult in the upcoming season. The Siege community has heavily criticized the new Ranked system, as it allows many lower-skilled players to grind the game more to reach the higher ranks that they might not deserve. However, Ubisoft stated earlier that they will be closely monitoring the system and make changes accordingly, and it seems like they are doing it now.

Read the full Y8S2 Patch Notes below (via Ubisoft).


Consulate has received various tech and gameplay updates this season which affect all floors and sites to create more opportunities and a more balanced map with added complexity. Attackers spawns have also received some love to reduce frustrations and allow for a safer approach. Overall, the goal of these changes is to reduce map control from the outside and force Attackers to spend more time inside.


Shooting Range is getting a new Aiming Lane that lets players test out weapons against moving targets to identify how the recoil and damage relates to in-game situations, and tweak and test their custom aiming options in real time.

In addition, players can now use a breakable wall in the Damage Lane to test the destruction-related damage of different weapons.


This new permanent playlist lets players hop into Arcade modes for some quick matches that differ from the norm. Game modes coming to this playlist are Headshots Only, Snipers Only, Golden Gun, and Deathmatch.

Also releasing in the Arcade playlist Free For All, a new and teamless game mode where everyone is an opponent.


The Observation Blocker is an intel-denial gadget that projects a digital barrier which blocks the line of sight for opponent drones and Observation Tools so they can’t spot Operators and devices on the other side.

The Observation Blocker’s digital barrier is only visible from a drone or Observation Tool and can’t be seen by or affect Operators themselves.

Grim’s changes this season aim at making the Kawan Hive Launcher more responsive by reducing its equip time and increasing the rate of fire so it can fill an area quicker than before. In addition, Kawan Hives now release their charges faster, allowing a well-placed Hive to better catch nearby Defenders. To keep this change well-balanced, Hives are vulnerable to more damage types so that a quick Defender can still destroy the Hive before a swarm is released. Once released, the swarms are now bigger and stay longer, but they track a Defender for less time once the Defender has stepped outside of the swarm.

Additionally, Grim’s loadout is being modified to increase flexibility and allow for more creative ways to use his unique ability.


There are three new controller layouts coming this season that bring alternate inputs for shooting, crouching, and leaning. These new layouts aim to tackle difficulties reported to cause discomfort and make Siege a more comfortable gaming experience for everyone.

Players can find the new layouts in the Controller Layouts section of the Options menu, where input changes from the default layout are highlighted for quick reference.


Match Replay now lets players use a free camera to look at recorded footage from any angle to review strategies and create content.

During the Post-Action Report, Squad members can let the Squad Leader know that they’re ready to play with the click of a button, and Squad Leaders will be able to skip the remaining timer and begin matchmaking.


With every season, select Operators get a price decrease, and Operation Dread Factor is no exception! Going down to 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits are Operators Ace and Melusi. Thunderbird’s price is decreasing to 15,000 Renown or 360 R6 Credits. Finally, Sens is now priced at 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits.


siege y8s2 seasonal weapon skin

Keep a tight grip on your power, lest it flows out and consumes all! Get your hands on the Bound Fury Bundle, which includes the Wicked Reckoning weapon and attachment skin, the Life and Bane charm, and the Fear Obsession operator card background. The seasonal weapon skin will be released at the season launch and available for purchase throughout the season. Once unlocked, it remains in your inventory indefinitely and can be applied to all available weapons.



  • Added Baliff as a secondary weapon.
  • Added Hard Breach Charge.
  • Launcher: Reduced equip time to 1s (from 1.1).
  • Launcher: Increased rate of fire to 70 rpm (from 40).
  • Projectile: Activation time reduced to 0.4s (from 1).
  • Projectile: Vulnerable to bullets, laser, and melee damage.
  • Area: Duration increased to 16s (from 8).
  • Area: Radius increased to 4.6m (from 3.6).
  • Area: Detection system changed to body (from head).
  • Decay: Reduced duration to 4s (from 9).
  • Decay: Time between pings normalized to 1s (from 1/3/9).


  • Removed Impact Grenades and Nitro Cell.
  • Added Barbed Wire and Bulletproof Camera.
  • Kona Station: Healing per shot reduced to 20hp (from 30).
  • Kona Station: Cooldown reduced to 15s (from 35).

Additional Loadout Changes

  • Removed Nitro Cell and replaced with Bulletproof Camera.
  • Added Impact Grenades.


  • Nitro Cell set as first gadget slot.
  • Removed Barbed Wire and replaced with Deployable Shield.
  • Added Observation Blocker.


  • Removed Deployable Shield. and replaced with Observation Blocker.
  • Removed Impact Grenades and replaced with Proximity Alarm.


  • Removed Barbed Wire and replaced with Observation Blocker.


  • Added Proximity Alarm.


  • Added Deployable Shield.


  • Added Observation Blocker.


  • Added Observation Blocker.


  • Added Observation Blocker.


  • Added Observation Blocker.


  • Added Observation Blocker.


  • Added Observation Blocker.


  • Added Observation Blocker.



Reputation Penalty UI Update

  • Activation banner for Reputation Penalty now triggers first round instead of every round.
  • The active warning banner is renamed from WARNINGS to PENALTIES. The label disappears shortly after the round begins but the icons of active penalties will remain for the entire duration.
  • When a player returns to the home section even during matchmaking, pop-ups will appear. If the player exits the game without seeing the pop-up, it will appear on game launch.


Top of the Ladder Improvement

  • Ranking up through Emerald, Diamond, and Champion now has steeper requirements.

Playlist Update

  • Added the new Consulate map rework to all playlists.

Unbannable Map

  • Consulate map can’t be banned for the whole season.

Unbannable Operator

  • Fenrir can’t be banned in the Ranked and Unraked playlists for the first two weeks after the release.


Audio Input/Output Device Selection

  • Let’s players select the audio input and output device via Options menu.

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