Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 Operator Leaks: Ability, Loadout, and more

Rainbow Six Siege‘s Year 7 is just around the corner, and new leaks have begun surfacing on the internet.

Rainbow Six Siege will be stepping foot into Year 7 in 2022, and we will be getting the roadmap for the entire year during the Six Invitational 2022 seasonal panel. At the launch of this new season, players can expect to see some big changes, including operator and map reworks, balancing changes, and more.

While Ubisoft has kept quiet about the new contents, leakers have already shared some information about the upcoming season.

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 Operator: Azami

According to the trusted leaker benjaminstrike, Siege’s next new operator will be called ‘Azami’. However, not much is known about his mysterious character yet. An in-game leak gave us a first glimpse of this new operator. Azami, a Japanese Mafia operator, is speculated to be a 2 Speed 2 Health Defender.

Her leaked weapon loadout contains:

  • Primary: 9x19VSN, ACS-12
  • Secondary: D-50
  • Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Impact Grenade

Azami’s gadget codenamed ‘Kiba’ might have two functions – to kill and something else. But, take all this information with a grain of salt, as Ubisoft has not shared any official content of the new season.

Apart from the new operator, Goyo’s rework which was shown during the Year 6 roadmap, is finally set to release in Y7S1.

When is Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 releasing? 

The Six Invitational 2022, which starts on February 8, is set to take place in Sweden. We will most probably get the Year 7 roadmap during this event, and Y7S1 will release in early March, after a few weeks of Test Server feedback.

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