Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 Demon Veil: Release Date

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Ubisoft has finally announced the release date for Rainbow Six Siege‘s upcoming Y7S1 Demon Veil, which will be hitting the live servers on March 15.

After a long wait, the Siege community has finally received the confirmation for the release date of the first season of Year 7. Ubisoft is known to be quite underwhelming in creating hype at the launch of new seasons, but this time, the silence might be out of respect for the ongoing war in Ukraine.

When is Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 Demon Veil Releasing?

As of now, Ubisoft has only confirmed that R6S will be stepping foot into Year 7 on Tuesday, March 15th, but the exact time scheduled has not been revealed yet.

Additionally, the animated story trailer for the new operator Azami was released, and the lore keeps on getting spicier. Watch the trailer below:

YouTube video

The new operator Azami is a defender from Japan. The devs are labeling this operator as a complete ‘meta-changer’, and are expecting the game to change like when Mira was introduced in Operation Velvet Shell.

For the delay of the Y7S1 release, Ubisoft has reopened the PC Test Server until March 14th at 10 AM ET / 2 PM UTC. So if you want to try out the changes early then this is your chance.

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