Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 Demon Veil: All new changes introduced

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Rainbow Six Siege is kicking off Year 7 with a blast, as Ubisoft plans to bring some huge additions to this tactical shooter.

The first big addition is the new operator- Azami– who is a defender from Japan. The devs are labelling this operator as a complete ‘meta-changer’, and are expecting the game to change like when Mira was introduced in Operation Velvet Shell.

Alongside the new operator, Ubisoft will be also introducing a brand-new map for the first time in 3 years. The Siege community has been longing for a new map, and they will surely be exhilarated to check out Emerald Plain, a brand-new map which will be releasing sometime during season 1.

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Furthermore, the devs are bringing Goyo rework, TDM mode, Match Replay for consoles, and a lot more. Check out all the new changes below:

New Defender: Azami

  • Medium speed, medium health Operator from Japan
  • Gadget: Kiba Barrier
    • Thrown knife that ejects gas which then turns solid to create a small barrier
    • Can be used to close holes, block doorways
    • Gadget generates over time (similar to Lesion’s Gu mines)
    • Counters:
      • Explosions
      • Sledge
      • 3x melee attack
  • Primary weapons: 9x19VSN & ACS12
  • Secondary weapons: D-50
  • Secondary gadgets: Barbed Wire & Impact Grenade

New Map: Emerald Plain

  • Currently unfinished, arriving sometime throughout the season
  • Irish country club

Attack Repick

  • Attackers can change Operators and adjust loadouts throughout Prep Phase
  • Applies to all playlists, including Quick Match, Ranked, and Pro League
  • Rational: Defenders are too strong

Team Deathmatch Warmup Mode

  • Rounds last 5-minute rounds or until one team reaches 75 kills
  • Map pool: Favela, Theme Park, Villa
  • All Operators (apart from shields) available for both teams but gadgets disabled
  • Future updates: more maps, improved respawn system

Goyo Rework

  • Removed deployable shields, only carries canisters now
  • Placed like Jäger’s ADS
  • Partially shielded, can only be shot from one side
  • Weakened explosion but increased fire duration & size

Weapon Sights

  • Every Operator has access to all 1x scopes now

R6Fix Incentive Program

  • Receive rewards for reporting bugs that reach “Under Investigation” status
  • Different tiers of Alpha Pack rewards based on bug severity
    • Cosmetic bug: 3 total (1 Rare, 1 Epic, 1 Legendary)
    • Playable bug: 6 total (2 Rare, 2 Epic, 2 Legendary)
    • Hardly playable bug: 9 total (3 Rare, 3 Epic, 3 Legendary)
    • Critical bug: 12 total (4 Rare, 4 Epic, 4 Legendary)

Player Security

  • Ranked matchmaking now requires a phone number connected to your account
  • Anti-cheat & anti-smurf measure
  • Ubisoft collaboration with a third-party company to validate legitimate phone number

Match Replay System

  • Now available on consoles
  • Replays now produce smaller files
    • Can store up to 12 replays at a time

New Elite Skin

  • Nomad, “Infinite Journey”

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