Rainbow Six Siege releases new Yakuza ‘Goro Majima’ Elite Skin for Echo

Ubisoft is introducing yet another Yakuza crossover skin to Rainbow Six Siege.

As teased earlier this season, the special new crossover cosmetic item will feature Yakuza’s beloved character Goro Majima.

Rainbow Six Siege has already brought a lot of fun crossover skins over the past few years. While some fans might not like the artistic direction of these crossover cosmetic items, they still look quite unique and gets the fans excited.

Earlier this season, Ubisoft introduced two Yakuza-inspired bundles for Echo and Hibana. The Echo skin was based on Kazuma Kiryu, while Hibana was on Kaoru Sayama. And now Echo is getting a new Elite set, which Yakuza fans would love to see.

Goro Majima is a recurring major character in the Yakuza series, first introduced in the original Yakuza game. The new Majima Goro Elite bundle for Echo includes headgear, uniform, weapon skins, victory celebration, and charm.

Ubisoft’s partnership with SEGA might continue in the future, allowing Siege fans to enjoy more crossover skins.

Players will be able to purchase Echo’s Majima Goro Elite Bundle from the in-game shop for 1800 R6 Credits.

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