Rainbow Six Siege gets new ‘Walpurgis Bundle’ designed by Ikumi Nakamura

Ubisoft is introducing yet another Rainbow Six Siege cosmetic bundle designed by Ikumi Nakamura, and this time it will feature some haunting items.

Ikumi Nakamura returns with a trio of Walpurgis bundles for the operators: Valkyrie, Nomad, and Twitch. These three new additions increase the already long list of skins Nakamura has already designed for Siege.

Check out the creepy reveal trailer below:

Ubisoft collaborated with former Ghostwire: Tokyo developer and The Evil Within artist Ikumi Nakamura to release exclusive Rainbow Six Siege skins. The unique Nakamura bundles were first introduced at the beginning of Year 6, which included the Echo’s Whisper and Dokkaebi’s Spirit Bundles.

Walpurgis Bundle

The full Walpurgis bundle will cost players 4080 R6 Credits, consisting of three separate bundles. These three bundles can also be bought separately with 1680 R6 Credits.

  • Nomad Wayfarer Bundle
  • Twitch Digital Bundle
  • Valkyrie Deliverer Bundle

These new bundles include new headgears, uniforms, weapon skins, and charms for the individual operators.

Another good news is that the previous Nakamura-inspired bundles are now available in the Rainbow Six Siege in-game shop with a 25% discount. The offer will last until July 27th, so now is the time to get these unique bundles at a lower cost.

So far, the Ikumi Nakamura-designed bundles have been quite well received in the Siege community, and her collection might continue to increase in the future.

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