Rainbow Six Siege Y7S3 Operator Leaks and Details

Rainbow Six Siege is currently on its second season of Year 7, but new leaks about the upcoming operator have already begun surfacing on the internet.

Ubisoft will be releasing Siege’s Y7S3 sometime in September, and the Year 7 roadmap only reveals that the new operator will be from Singapore. However, Rainbow Six Siege data miners have been on the grind to find new details about the upcoming operator.

Grim – New Attacker

According to renowned leaker dumbhael, the new Singaporean operator will be called “Grim“. Grim is going to join Team Rainbow as an Attacker. The leaks also reveal that Grim’s primary gadget will be called “Kawan Hive Launcher“, and it fires a canister that emits a cloud of funny bots. Defenders passing through this cloud will be pinged in real-time, similar to Alibi’s location ping, and this pinging effect persists for 10s after leaving the cloud. The data-mined image below also shows that Grim will have access to 5 of these canisters at the start of a round, but this could change as the operator arrives on the Test Server.

Grim’s loadout has also been leaked, and it will include IQ’s 552 Commando and the SG-CQB French Shotgun. As secondary gadgets, Grim will have the option for Soft Breach Charges or Claymores.

As usual, take all this information with a pinch of salt, as Ubisoft has yet to confirm the name and details of this new operator. Make sure to follow us for the latest updates.

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