Rainbow Six Siege new “Apocalypse” event starts tomorrow

After teasing about their upcoming event, Ubisoft has now officially announced the Rainbow Six Siege “Apocalypse” in-game event, coming tomorrow on all platforms.

The trailer for this post-apocalyptic event has been revealed, check it out down below:

The event is set in a distant future, where society has collapsed after a nuclear reactor meltdown. The last few survivors are from the Rainbow Six squad, who will be going against each other to secure the last plant on Earth.

Read the lore from Ubisoft below:


“Humanity’s reliance on wasteful energy brought the demise of society as we know it. Following an important reactor meltdown, water was contaminated, agricultural crops destroyed, and the air was poisoned. Survivors are few and far between. From those few spared, emerges two clans led by fierce leaders.”

“On one side of the battle, The Keepers, a group of hopeful warriors led by the spiritual Seer. They hope that humanity can start over and come back better than ever before.”

Maestro – Melusi – Rook – Smoke – Valkyrie

“On the other side, The Warband, a clan of scavengers roaming the world, never staying in one place for too long. Led by the General, these free spirits have only one thing in mind: taking whatever will ensure their survival!”

Fuze – Gridlock – Maverick – Nomad – Twitch

“These two clans are after the last plant on Earth, whose radioactive soil holds the capacity for more growth. Whoever has it, has the power to re-grow life on Earth. Who will get to hold the key to humanity’s new beginning after 100 years of worldwide aridity?”

The Rules:

The Apocalypse event will see the two teams go head-to-head in a modified version of the Outback map. The Attacking team will have to defuse the container holding the plant itself, whereas, the defenders will protect it until time runs out.

As the Defenders, you’ll have the ability to move the container around the map. On the other side, Attackers can activate specific scanner rooms to know if a Defender is inside. As always, eliminating the entire opposing team will get you a win no matter what.


Image: Ubisoft

The Apocalypse collection includes 35 items to scrap. Log in during the event and you’ll receive a pack to get started with some of them. You might receive the pack-exclusive seasonal weapon skin or one of the 4 charms!

Make sure to turn your Operators into doomsday combatants with personalized headgears, weapon skins and uniforms. You’ll find these items in Operator Bundles priced at 1680 R6 credits each or by purchasing Apocalypse Packs for 300 R6 Credits or 12,500 Renown.

This new limited-time event will run for two weeks, from May 4th to May 18th.

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