Rainbow Six Siege’s ‘Jackal’ gets his first Elite Set

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
2 Min Read
Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has released a new Elite skin earlier today, and this time it is for the Spanish Operator: “Jackal”.

Introduced in Operation Velvet Shell, Jackal receives his very first Elite skin set, which is now live on the Rainbow Six Siege in-game store.

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Jackal’s new “Rastreador” Elite set includes:

  • ‘Rastreador’ Uniform and Headgear
  • Unique victory dance
  • Weapon skin for the C7E, PDW9, ITA 12L, USP40 and ITA12S
  • Elite Jackal Chibi charm

The elite skin gives Jackal a more casual look with a hoodie and removes his big helmet, leaving his special Eyenox goggles.

Using his “Eyenox” gadget, Jackal can see the footprints of the defenders for a certain amount of time before it disappears. But before it vanishes, Jackal can scan these enemy footsteps to identify the operator and even reveal their location by pinging them.

With the addition of strong primary and secondary guns and access to smoke grenades, Jackal is one of the strongest attackers in Rainbow Six Siege. This leads him to be banned in most Ranked matches, as he can cause a lot of pain for the roaming defenders. Although the next patch will slightly nerf his C7E AR by reducing five bullets from its magazine capacity, it won’t still affect the effectiveness of his main gadget.

Jackal’s “Rastreador” Elite skin set is now available in the R6 Store and can be bought for 1800 R6 Credits. If he remains unbanned, make sure to equip this elite skin and try it out.

Sadnan Nafis is a Senior Esports Writer at GameRiv. Sadnan has a love-hate relationship with Rainbow Six Siege. He loves to keep himself updated with new tech videos and is always ready to help others.