Aim Lab partners with Rainbow Six Siege to create a new Training experience

As announced earlier today, Aim Lab is now the “Official Training Partner” for Rainbow Six Siege.

By teaming up with Ubisoft, Aim lab has now been given access to recreate the fundamentals of Rainbow Six Siege to provide new training solutions for the players.

Aim Lab is now going to feature Siege physics and weapon recoils to allow players to get comfortable with the game mechanics. Two of R6’s ranked map Oregon and Clubhouse have also been recreated in graybox versions so that players can practice movement in a similar environment, with more maps likely to be added later.

Aim Lab will also include specific tasks and scenarios such as entry fragging and others to take the training experience to the next level.

Image: Aim Lab

“This is a great opportunity for players to grow with a tool recognized as the ultimate FPS/TPS training program for gamers of all levels and is a step forward in terms of players’ skills in-game,” said the R6 team.

Players will be able to improve their gameplay, while earning some in-game Rainbow Six Siege rewards like an “exclusive Aim Lab skin”, as stated by Ubisoft.

Siege players have been asking Ubisoft for an improved in-game Training mode for a long time now. Although this new training solution won’t be available inside the game, it is still a great alternative for all the Siege players.

Aim Lab x Rainbow Six Siege new training experience is now available for PC players and will come to console users later this year.

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