Rainbow Six Siege Anti-Cheat Update September 2022: 10,000 Cheaters Banned

As promised, Ubisoft has released Rainbow Six Siege‘s anti-cheat update for the month of September.

The new anti-cheat status update includes data about the previous month of Siege, and according to Ubisoft, approximately 10,000 cheaters were banned in a single month.

Moreover, Siege devs are continuously working hard to improve the cheating situation. Since last season, Ubisoft has dealt with instant kill cheats, teleport hacks, infinite ammo cheats, self-revive cheats, and many more.

This fight with cheaters is almost an endless battle, and the devs are determined to make the lives of these hackers more difficult than ever. The transparency Ubisoft has shown over these past few months regarding their anti-cheat updates has been pretty impressive, and hopefully, they will continue with these monthly updates.

Some quality-of-life features have also been introduced with the new season to help players to report cheaters in-game. You will now be able to report disconnected players, as their names will persist on the scoreboard even if they leave the game.

Additionally, users can report hackers even after a match is over using match replays. Match replays are a great way to identify cheaters, and now using the in-game tool, you can report them to the devs, so they are investigated and banned by the team as soon as possible.

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