R6 EUL 2021 Stage 1: NAVI secure a first-place finish

After nine exciting playdays, Rainbow Six Siege European League 2021 Stage 1 has finally come to an end.

BDS Esport and Natus Vincere, the top 2 teams, were fighting for the first spot on the table until the last playday. However, BDS losing their final match against Virtus.Pro led NAVI to snatch the first-place finish.

To everyone’s surprise, NAVI came out as the EU best team in Stage 1, even after losing their last match with G2 Esports. Both BDS and NAVI ended on 20 points, but NAVI had the upper hand with the head-to-head victory over BDS.

NAVI entered the 2021 EUL season with a revamped squad, introducing both “Secretly” and “Nathan”. However, it was Byron “Blurr” Murray and Jack “Doki” Robertson who led the team to some huge wins and gained NAVI the crucial points. Blurr ended the stage with the 2nd-highest SiegeGG rating of 1.24, while Doki had the best record on entry of +18.

Image: R6 Liquipedia

As the May Six Major has been cancelled, the top four teams won’t be advancing to any event. However, they will be receiving the huge prize pool of the Six Major event (only the top 4 teams) and the crucial SI points for 2022. While the 5th-8th team won’t be getting any prize money from the Major, they’ll still be receiving some SI points.

Ubisoft still plans to host the Six Invitational 2021 in May, so the qualified EU teams, including BDS, G2, Empire, & VP, will start practising for the biggest Siege tournament from now. While NAVI won’t be attending the event, they’ll still want to keep their heads up and continue this form in EUL stage 2.

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