Project Slayers Clan Tier List: Best Clans Ranked

Learn about the clan tier list and a bit depth discussion from the Roblox Project Slayers. Hope this guide can come as an aid while choosing the best clan for yourself.

The new Roblox Project Slayer is heavily influenced by popular Demon Slayer anime. Do almost any kind of activity you are allowed to do, but before that, there is a catch. You need to join a clan to increase the rate of your survivability.

The gameplay is mainly based on clans, so that is why I went in to make a clan tier list. You can choose a clan by spinning the wheel right round, baby right round. Well, of course, some of these clans are pretty rare, so if you manage to hit any of them, consider yourself one of the luckiest Roblox-er in summer. Without further ado, let’s hop into the best clans.

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Project Slayers Clan Tier List

S-tier (Best)Kamado, Agatsuma, Tomioka
A-tier (Good)Kocho, Shinazugawa
B-tier (Average)Ubuyashiki, Kanzaki, Urokodaki, Haganezuka, Kanamori
C-tier (Underwhelming)Nakahara, Terauchi, Takada, Kaneki
D-tier (Not Recommended)Bakugo, Toka, Izuku, Fuziawara, Mori, Sakurai, Saito, Fukuda, Ishida, Soyo, Todoroki, Ando, Suzuki, Onishi, Hashimoto


Kamado Clan

Slayer Abilities: Fast Breathing Bar Regeneration, Sun Breathing Technique.

Demon Abilities: Immune to Sunlight, Regeneration.

Universal Abilities: Pain Resistance, Indomitable Will, Pseudo Recognition.

Stat Bonus:

  • Sword +3
  • Strength +3
  • Weapon +3
  • Stamina +125
  • Health +140
  • Block Bar +3

Your speed will also be enhanced by +3. However, even though the clan sits on the throne, the chance is 0.05% that you will be a part of it.

Agatsuma Clan

Slayer Abilities: Godspeed

Universal Abilities: Indomitable Will

Stat Bonus:

  • Sword +1
  • Strength +2
  • Weapon +3
  • Stamina +110
  • Health +125
  • Block Bar +1

Speed will be enhanced by 5%. The chances you can be a part of it is 0.05%. However, if someone from the Agatsuma clan falls in your part, you will get a buff of +30 Health. Moreover, with Godspeed, you will be deadly. Even though the health bar is low, the damage stats are here to balance that.

Tomioka Clan

Slayer Abilities: Dead Calm Water Breath

Universal Abilities: Pain Resistance, Indomitable Will

Stat Bonus:

  • Sword +3
  • Strength +3
  • Stamina +90
  • Health +100


Kocho Clan

Slayer Abilities: Dead Calm Water Breath

Universal Abilities: Poisonous Body, Medical Expert, Poison Resistance, Double Jump

Stat Bonus:

  • Sword +1
  • Strength +1
  • Stamina +100
  • Health +110

Shinazugawa Clan

Slayer Abilities: Marechi

Universal Abilities: Pain Resistance

Stat Bonus:

  • Weapon +1
  • Strength +2
  • Stamina +30
  • Health +50
  • Block Bar +1


Ubuyashiki Clan

Get 2x XP and WEN only if you train at Butterfly Mansion. However, you will need this later to get Thunder Breathing. It will also get easier to get +2 Strength with +20 Stamina. Moreover, brothers from the same clan can increase their buff.


A good choice to experiment with Breaths. If you drop to 50% HP, you will find breathing a lot easier to breathe. With that keeping in mind, this clan is mostly combat-focused. Moreover, you can decrease the water damage by 10% with a bro from this clan.


The clan with the most buffs. What can we start with? There is a Sight Buff that can increase your vision by several folds. You will also find Enhanced Smell, which comes in handy to track others rather than tracking tacos. You can also get an extra buff if you make a party with three people.


You have the ability to see other players’ items. Moreover, you can get a 20% Boost after you sell items and various artifacts. This clan is mostly tagged as a supporting one.


An eco-friendly clan we have here. Nah, this is more like an economically-friendly one as you will see 50% off on sword repairing. And it comes with extra weapon durability.



Join Terauchi or Takada clan members to get an extra +5 Stamina and +20 Health.


Join Nakahara or Takada clan members to get an extra +5 Stamina and +15 Health.


Join Terauchi or Nakahara clan members to get an extra +5 Stamina and +15 Health.


Get an extra +1 Strength.


The clans below carry no buff. Moreover, they have the highest chance of getting output from the spinning wheel. Stings, doesn’t it?

  • Bakugo
  • Toka
  • Izuku
  • Fuziawara
  • Mori
  • Sakurai
  • Saito
  • Fukuda
  • Ishida
  • Soyo
  • Todoroki
  • Ando
  • Suzuki
  • Onishi
  • Hashimoto

Here you go, fellow clan member. I hope you can get more or less of an idea from the discussion above to choose the best clan for yourself in Project Slayers without any hassle. Prost!

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